Signal Conditioning Carrier

ProDAQ 5720

Features & Benefits

  • 19” x 1U unit for up to two signal conditioning cards
  • Self-Contained Standard Power Supply for all Signal Conditioning Card Types
  • Easy Interfacing to ProDAQ Function Cards
  • Voltage Reference Monitoring
  • Variety of Signal Conditioning Cards


The ProDAQ 5720 Signal Conditioning Unit provides power and cooling for up to two Signal Conditioning Cards from the ProDAQ 58xx Series. These Signal Conditioning Cards provide conditioning for 8 or 16 channels and can be used directly with Bustec’s high-performance ProDAQ ADC function cards such as the ProDAQ 3416 16-ch. Sigma-Delta ADC Function Card or the ProDAQ 3424 8-ch. Sigma-Delta ADC Function Card.
To connect the function cards to the signal conditioning cards SCSI-style cables from the ProDAQ 8010-Bx Series are used. They provide shielded twisted pair connections for signals and control.


  • 2 slots
  • 85 – 264 Volts AC, 47 – 63 Hz input
  • Integrated universal power supply
  • Up to 70 W power available. Contact factory for higher power requirements


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