About Us 

Bustec is a leading supplier of high-performance data acquisition and test products. Bustec products are based on computer-independent and open platform standards to ensure long-term use and preserve capital investment. All Bustec products are ISO 9001 Certified. 

Proven over time, Bustec products and solutions lead the test and measurement industry in accuracy, throughput, and density. Bustec products offer up to 10x higher accuracy than new products from competitors. With high throughput capabilities of up to 100 MB/s, Bustec products work well in large-scale applications or applications that will benefit from future scalability as a customer's needs grow over time. In addition, Bustec products offer high-density solutions with thousands of channels in minimal space.

Bustec offers data acquisition solutions for LXI and VXI and uses the same function card modules interchangeably in carriers for both platforms. Function card modules include options for analog I/O including conditioning for ICP and strain, as well as digital I/O, serial, and counter/timers. Bustec tools address applications that have needs for accuracy of static signals such as voltage, temperature, and pressure, or dynamic signals acquired at higher speeds, as well as closed loop control and simulation.

Bustec products successfully serve applications that include engine testing, automotive and missile testing, wind tunnel data acquisition and control, acoustics, vibration applications, aircraft component testing, and a wide range of other demanding applications. Satisfied, industry-leading Bustec customers include Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Siemens, Atos-Origin, EDF, Northrop Grumman, AgustaWestland, General Dynamics, Honeywell, EADS, NASA, Rohde & Schwarz, Boston Scientific, Airbus, Los Alamos, Eurocopter, Sandia National Laboratories, and Rolls-Royce.