Signal Conditioning Cards and Systems

ProDAQ 5000 Series

16-Channel Bridge Signal Conditioning Unit

ProDAQ 5716

A 1U high rack-mountable signal conditioning box providing signal conditioning for up to 16 strain gage or ICP sensors.

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Signal Conditioning Carrier

ProDAQ 5720

The ProDAQ 5720 Signal Conditioning Unit provides power and cooling for up to two Signal Conditioning Cards from the ProDAQ 58xx Series.

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19-Inch 1U Rack-mount Kit

ProDAQ 5725

The ProDAQ 5725 19 1U Rack-mount Kit is a flexible mounting system for all ProDAQ 19 devices with 1U height.

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16-Channel RTD Signal Conditioning Card

ProDAQ 5821

The ProDAQ 5821 series of Signal Conditioning Cards is designed to interface with a variety of sensors, principally RTDs, Thermistors, Cryogenic Diodes and Voltage type sensors.

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8-Channel BNC Break-out Card

ProDAQ 5824

The ProDAQ 5824 Signal Conditioning Cards are designed to facilitate the interface of the ProDAQ 3424 8-Ch. 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC Function Cards to a number of sensor types.

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16-Ch. Isolation Amplifier Signal Conditioning Card

ProDAQ 5828

The ProDAQ 5828 Isolation Amplifier Signal Conditioning Card is designed to isolate and amplify wide bandwidth analog signals. It provides 16 channels with galvanic isolation of up to 350 Vrms.

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