LXI Instruments

ProDAQ 61xx Series

The ProDAQ 61xx Series is a family of LXI Instruments based on the ProDAQ 6100 LXI architecture, which provides high-througput and precise synchronization for a new family of high-performance standalone LXI instruments.

LXI Matrix Switching Unit

ProDAQ 6140

The ProDAQ 6140 provides a relay matrix which can be fitted between the sensors and actuators on a device under test and the data acquisition and control system.

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Isolated Precision Thermocouple LXI Instrument

ProDAQ 6150

The ProDAQ 6150 is an LXI instrument designed for up to 48-channel isolated precision thermocouple measurements. It supports all common thermocouple types as well as custom types. Each channel is isolated from both the chassis and all other channels.

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