VXIbus Motherboards

ProDAQ 3100 Series

The ProDAQ flexible, modular data acquisition system is designed to reduce the cost of developing and building data acquisition and automated test equipment systems. The high-density, modular ProDAQ system significantly reduces the size and cost of VXIbus data acquisition and automated test equipment systems by offering savings in the number of VXI modules and VXI chassis needed within a system.

ProDAQ 3100 Series motherboards accept up to eight different function cards in each single-slot module to provide any function or combination of functions required for a specific application. If needed, a large number of single functions can be fitted within a single VXI slot, including up to 384 digital I/O (DIO) channels, up to 192 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) channels, or up to 128 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) channels. Alternatively, up to eight different functions can be combined. The function cards can be factory-fitted within the module to a user-defined configuration or field-fitted by the user to change, enhance, or upgrade the module or system.

All ProDAQ function cards can be used on the ProDAQ 3120 standard motherboard, the ProDAQ 3150 high-performance motherboard, and on the ProDAQ 3180 ultra-performance motherboard. An optional, programmable voltage reference can be added to the ProDAQ 3100 Series motherboards to provide additional self-test capabilities and allow the calibration of function cards on-the-fly. The supplied software drivers are designed according to the VXIplug&play standard and can be used with all current popular software packages. They automatically detect and initialize all fitted function cards, removing any possibility of configuration errors.

Ultra-Performance Motherboard Module

ProDAQ 3180

An ultra-performance, register-based VXIbus motherboard supporting single-word transfer and block transfer of 16-bit and 32-bit words.

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