Voltage Reference Monitor/Input Function Card

ProDAQ 3901

Features & Benefits

  • Monitoring of onboard ProDAQ voltage reference
  • Allows for calibration of internal voltage reference module
  • Driver support for Windows, VxWorks, and Linux


The ProDAQ 3901 voltage reference and monitor input function card is a high-density card that fits into ProDAQ VXIbus motherboards and LXI function card carriers.

The ProDAQ 3901 function card is an I/O card for the voltage reference distribution network on the ProDAQ motherboards. It can be used to monitor the optional ProDAQ 3201 voltage reference module fitted to a ProDAQ motherboard. This, together with an ultra high-precision calibrated voltage meter or digital multimeter (DMM), allows for calibration of the internal voltage reference module.

In cases requiring even higher precision or stability than the ProDAQ 3201 voltage reference module can provide, an external voltage standard can be fed to the voltage reference distribution network within the motherboard.



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