LXI Matrix Switching Unit

ProDAQ 6140

Features & Benefits

  • 19”, 1U Solution for 96 or 192 Signal Channels and 4 Monitoring/Injection bussed Channels
  • Signal Levels up to 100V and 1A
  • Latching Relays  - connections remain during power off
  • Fully differential - all connections via DPST relays
  • Scalable - bus/matrix can be expanded via daisy-chain connectors using further ProDAQ 6140 LXI Matrix Switching Units


The ProDAQ 6140 provides a relay matrix which can be fitted between the sensors and actuators on a device under test and the data acquisition and control system. It allows to separately connect/disconnect the signals from either side and to connect them to an internal bus. In this way signals can be routed via the bus to new destinations or the bus can be used to monitor or supply test signals. This allows calibrating and debugging the system without disconnecting and separating channels throughout the system wiring.

All relays are latching DPST type relays which keep their set connection even during power off. For the DAQ/DUT signals high-density connectors with Low Force Helix contacts are used. Test signals can be accessed via standard 4mm banana-style sockets on the front panel. For scalability, the bus signals can be daisy-chained to additional ProDAQ 6140 units via D-Sub connectors on the rear panel.

The ProDAQ 3202 Voltage Reference plug-in can be installed in the unit and can be connected to either one of the four bus lines.

The ProDAQ 6140 LXI Matrix Switching Unit is a fully compliant LXI device supporting all LXI core functions via a Gigabit LAN interface as well as a number of LXI extended functions like for example the LXI clock synchronization and optionally the LXI wired trigger bus.


  • 1U, 19 in. matrix switching unit
  • 96 or 192 signal channels
  • 4 monitoring/injection bussed channels
  • Signal Levels up to 100V and 1A
  • Latching DPST type relays
  • LXI Programmatic Interface via Ethernet
  • Molex LFH 200-pin easy insertion signal connectors
  • Optional ProDAQ 3202 voltage reference plug-in


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