New VXI Mainframe from Bustec

Shannon, Ireland - August 12, 2013 - The ProDAQ 1630 VXI-1 Rev. 4.0 chassis allows a reduced test time and provides backward compatibility to your test system. It is a compact design with high density and highly sophisticated modular designed power supplies. The latters feature medium output power up to 2.5 kW, with extremely low noise and ripple (PARD).

Its newly designed 13-slot monolithic backplane enables systems to use the new high-speed data transfer modes with up to 320 MB/sec.

Moreover, a superior cooling is provided by three individually controlled long-life DC fans, situated in a removable fan tray in the lower rear of the chassis. The alphanumeric display and Ethernet port allow both local and remote monitoring of all supply voltages, fan speeds and temperatures.

The ProDAQ 1630 backplane is designed especially for the new high-speed transfer modes and additional clock and trigger signals. Furthermore, the new 5-row P1/P2 connectors are backwards compatible with the 3-row connectors on legacy VXIbus modules.

"With Bustec, from the delivery of the products to the quality of the hardware, software, and support, we are actually getting more functionality for a decreased price."
Lockheed Martin