New Variant of Bustec's Sigma-Delta ADC Function Card Offers Higher Sample Rates

Shannon, Ireland - November 15, 2012 - Bustec announces the availability of a new variant of it's 2011 "Best in Test" award winning ADC card ProDAQ 3416. The ProDAQ 3146 is a high-precision, high-density, 16-channel, 24-bit, sigma-delta ADC function card that can be used in both VXI and LXI systems. In addition to the existing models offering ranges of 1 S/s to 1 kS/s and 1 S/s to 10 kS/s, the new ProDAQ 3416-CA model offers 5 kS/s to 52 kS/s.


"With Bustec, from the delivery of the products to the quality of the hardware, software, and support, we are actually getting more functionality for a decreased price."
Lockheed Martin