New ProDAQ 5828 Isolation Amplifier Signal Conditioning Card

ProDAQ 5828The new ProDAQ 5828 Isolation Amplifier Signal Conditioning Card extends Bustec range of signal conditioning cards for the ProDAQ 5720 carrier. It provides input channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation of up to 350 VRMS with a full power signal bandwidth of 50 kHz.

The ProDAQ 5828 has four input voltage ranges, +/-10 V, +/-1 V, +/-0.1 V and +/-0.01 V. For gain 1 the input offset error is typically just +/-0.5 mV (+/-50ppm) with typical gain error of +/-0.03% (+/-300ppm), with both specifications far exceeding similar isolated cards. Isolation Mode Rejection Ratio (IMRR) is typically -120 dB at 50 Hz and -100 dB at 1 kHz for a gain of 1, providing excellent rejection of AC Common Mode signals such as 50 Hz/60 Hz line voltages. Read more ...

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