Bustec Signal Conditioning System Achieves High-Bandwidth Dynamic Strain Measurements

The ProDAQ 5716 Supports High-Accuracy Solutions for Structural Test Applications with More Than 300KHz Bandwidth

ProDAQ 5716ESCONDIDO, Calif - May 04, 2011 – Bustec announced today the ProDAQ 5716, a 1U rack-mountable signal-conditioning box for standard 19” racks. Advancing beyond traditional, limited data acquisition systems that either measure only lower frequency strain, or have to make compromises on accuracy when used at a higher bandwidth, this new signal conditioning box connects directly to high-performance function cards and offers DC coupling for highly accurate static measurements. In addition, it provides fast sampling of dynamic strain measurements at more than 200 kS/s/ch on moving parts that require high bandwidth. The ProDAQ 5716 signal conditioning box is ideal for structural test applications, including fatigue and airframe testing, and predictive analytics and maintenance in the aerospace and defense, power, and medical devices industries.

“With the ProDAQ 5716 and the corresponding ProDAQ function cards, test engineers now have a complete system that reaches sample rates of more than 200 kS/s/ch but is still flexible, and each channel can be independently configured as voltage inputs, strain gauges or IEPE accelerometers,” said Dr. Fred Blönnigen, CEO of Bustec. “Used with ProDAQ function cards, this new DAQ and signal conditioning system delivers unprecedented accuracy for static and dynamic applications at the lowest cost per channel on the market.”

The ProDAQ 5716 connects directly to function cards and allows for signal conditioning in LAN- or VXI-based systems with up to 16 strain gauge and/or ICP (IEPE) sensors. Either one ProDAQ 3416 16-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) function card or up to two ProDAQ 3424 8-channel, 24-bit, sigma-delta ADC function cards can be connected to the unit. The combination of the ProDAQ 5716 together with the ProDAQ 3416 or ProDAQ 3424 function cards provide the user with a solution of unmatched measurement accuracy. Together with the high-channel device, engineers have a high-bandwidth signal conditioning unit that is cost-efficient, accurate, and intuitive for streamlined, reliable data acquisition.

Software-Selectable Features Improve Accuracy

Test engineers quickly and efficiently can perform all setup calibrations and measurements with the ProDAQ 5716 using a PC, rather than having to physically reconfigure the hardware.

The ProDAQ 5716 offers bridge completion for quarter-bridge and half-bridge strain gauges as well as programmable voltage excitation. With these software-selectable features, engineers can measure voltage inputs and all common types of voltage-excited strain gauges or ICP (IEPE) transducers such as accelerometers and microphones without having to manually change settings via hardware. In addition, built-in auto-balancing and shunt calibration with shunt resistance are software-controllable.


  • -10 V to +10 V individually programmed negative/positive excitation voltage with 50 mA/ch current
  • Automatic compensation for lead resistance losses via remote sense lines
  • Built-in, high-precision resistors of 120 and 350 Ω, and user defined resistance
  • Flexible quarter- and half-bridge completion with sockets for user-installable resistors
  • Shunt calibration resistor for each input channel
  • Provisions for removing bridge offset voltage for each input channel
  • Trifilar common mode filter to remove unwanted high-frequency common mode signals
  • Selectable AC/DC coupling and ICP signal conditioning circuitry for each channel (optional)
  • Support for TEDS Class 1 and 2

For more detailed specifications, visit the ProDAQ 5716 product page.

About Bustec

Bustec is a leading supplier of high-performance data acquisition and test products. Bustec products and solutions lead the test and measurement industry in accuracy, throughput, and density, offering up to 10x higher accuracy than the most accurate alternative on the market.

Bustec offers data acquisition solutions for LXI and VXI and uses the same function card in both platforms. This is achieved by providing full interchangeability between the different carriers of both platforms. Function card modules have options for analog I/O including conditioning for ICP and strain, as well as digital I/O, serial, and counter/timers. Bustec products address applications that have needs for accuracy of either static signals such as voltage, temperature, and pressure, or dynamic signals acquired at higher speeds. Applications also cover the need for closed loop control and simulation requirements. Installations of these products include engine testing, automotive and missile testing, wind tunnel data acquisition and control, acoustics, vibration applications, aircraft component testing, and a wide range of other demanding applications.

"With Bustec, from the delivery of the products to the quality of the hardware, software, and support, we are actually getting more functionality for a decreased price."
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